Sunday, 26 August 2012

Sunday Sessions: Electric Guest

This feels like a bit of an old post, having obsessively listened to this band for the past two months i am reverted back to my teenage childhood of knowing every single lyrics, lick and twist of the tracks.  However, having discovered but a little coverage of them online i thought maybe there were some of you out there who may have not yet listened to their ibiza indi sunset vibes.

This Head I Hold, like a great love, my first great track - like a good bottle of wine you can always rely on: agreed one i have maybe listened to a little too much, but a track that makes me feel like GI Jane when i fly past Kings Cross station, dodging the commuter traffic on my run home.  Seriously....apologies to anyone who may have been knocked over in the speed stream i leave behind.

Anyway i thought i would share another song to make me feel fresh about this post...and so maybe whilst your on a come down, lying in the park, getting back on it, cleaning or having something i have become unfamiliar with, sex, this tune might make it's way onto your playlist today. 

Happy Sunday Sessions

Friday, 27 April 2012


'Spend money on hair?' you say, 'Danielle spend money on hair??' you say, 'loyal to just one hairdresser? say!  Yes it may sound strange but i think after 25 years of endless salon's, hairdressers who have been dumped, free model cuts and a few short disasters i think i may have finally found a salon i can and want to commit too! Renowned Tommy Guns has teamed up with British super brand Superdry, opening up their very own salon in the basement of the new, 4 floor HUGE, Superdry international store.  Not just any old spa (that is conveniently round the corner from me on Regent Street) this beautiful space is a grade 1 listed art deco heaven and Tommy Guns have lovingly restored every aspect of this historic sight making you feel like you take a step back through time.  Along with a team of highly qualified stylists the salon features a nail bar by Sophie Robson, a blow dry bar and lash bar. 

A central location, perfect for a pre client meeting juuzzz up, the top qaulity treatments at competitive prices (£50 for a cut and blowdry) are a rare occurrence in the area.  Many of you may still think Superdry is Japanese or American and just a load of hoodies and tees emblazoned with logos, BUT its more than that!   A collaboration with Cheaney shoes and Timothy Everest coming up this year and some gorgeous new product lines (pastel denims, floral skirts and classic no logo jackets and macs) i think you may start to think twice about the brand so have a sneak around the store and see what you think.

Thursday, 19 April 2012


I just LOVE this song from SBTRKT. Its Thursday's morning listening and is not helping my 'not drinking, not going out tonight' decision for the day. Its got undertones of squa bass lines but touches on 90's dance beats and drum and bass through the tonal vocals and shifty track lay. The music doesn't just stop at this gem, check out Pharaohs and Right thing to do featuring another musing 90's upcoming female Jessie Ware. They played an awesome set at Coachella and are coming over to the UK in June with a stop off at Field Day, get your tickets in now!

Saturday, 18 February 2012

Bjorn says JA!

The beroccas are stocked, the champagne is chilled, the outfits are planned and spring summer has already been forgotten before the season has even begun! Its pretentious, its a statement, its hard work, its hangovers, its a lifestyle, its a love , its a hate, its London Fashion Week. Love it or loathe it it's one of our most established and essential weeks of the year. (Picture - my bum! in the Selfrdiges Bjorn Borg pop up booth)

Kicking of the antics, on the eve of London Fashion Week, Swedish underwear brand took full assult on London, taking over the iconic Battersea Power station to bring us one of the most extravagant launches of LFW. We saw the gorgeous George Lamb, drunk vodka's with the beautiful Carolin Flack and Gemma Cairney, cut shapes with Ricky and Melvin and watched as the Selfridges team got wet in the hot tubs!

(The lovely Cheska who is a new fav of mine! never thought id say that!)
Yes there were a few, urm, trip ups to start but what is life without a bit of manic-ness! Without mentioning any names some bloggers need to just get off their high horses.....frankly if you weren't having a good time from the get go then why did you stay so long? Lets face it your probably just a blagger anyway who had no career path so ended up in blogging getting the freebies and pretending your something more just an XBOX bum.

To end, life is to short to complain over some minor little details and after a few drinks, sexy models, an amazing light-show, a set of awesome tunes and a plethora Oyster Bjorn Borg successfully made their stamp on the UK Map and are set to continue their sexy fun antics throughout 2012 and onwards......and BOY! they are by far comfier than Calvin Klein!

Watch this space for more from Bjorn Borg.

Click here to watch the AW12 Catwalk show

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Sounds for your Stereo

Taking you from the melancholic sounds of female vocalists and dream wave electro boybands of the 2011, Skrillex is banging dubstep on your door and wiping his faux mud feet on your brand new mat. Goggle him and you may find a bit of hate race against him, he's done the underground whilst mixing the mainstream....something, which lets face it, can not be done. You are simply underground until you go overground and being topped now in the BBC 1 2012 one's to watch i think he has crossed the threshold. Not a bad thing, boy is going to start making some money and while he may lose some creds from fanatics of previous years listening to him in dinging holes, he is going to earn a hell of a lot more. Breakin a sweat is his latest track playing out, but i would check out the earlier sounds and previous works with the likes of Deadmau5 and Nero to name a few.

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

A post that says it all...

I LOVE CRAP... the perfect statement from Vivienne Westwood. Although i could probably make the same statement for less money when drinking a £5 bottle of wine at Yates