Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Out of Town

A fabulous little store- despite its tiny size - is about to take over in Clerkenwell as one of the most popular venues/cafes/shops around. Well thats my opinion anyway!

A friendly and inviting atmosphere its not only perfect for a morning coffee, but everything in the store is for sale. Even the chairs you sit on are up for grabs ....but of course replaced with another gleamy gem asap. It pretty much has everything and anything - vintage fashions, ceramics, furniture, art, textiles, all sourced from near and far. Don't feel like the pressure is on to purchase though (like many tiny boutique vintage stores!) its relaxed and friendly atmosphere means you can simply enjoy a chat over a coffee if thats all you wish!

To coincide with London Fashion Week - this month's focus is fashion. On offer you can expect original WW11 Aviator jackets, Belstaff pieces and Northsea clothing company knitwear (these guys are one of only 8 worldwide stockists!!!) Its been open a few weeks but is officially launching tomorrow night. With cocktails and canapes and a heap of stuff to purchase i will be there with 2 empty hands (cigarette/canapes and drink in each) and a wedge of cash at the ready.

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