Friday, 4 September 2009

Wild Palms

The wonderful Ex.Lion Tamers - (who fed up with Wire comparisons at every turn - are now called Wild Palms) are the latest hot property band to come out of Shoreditch. However with a distinctive style all of there own, Wild palms are offering up something that suggests these guys are much more than your endless indie one hit wonders...and are a band you can't help but fall in love with. With a touch of These New Puritans, and more dedication to their music and band than the bright lights of stardom...expect music that is refreshing, gripping and well crafted.

Having just played 1234 Festival the guys have got a busy line up ahead of them ...Linkplaying the Converse Music New Blood stage at Fistful of Fandango, The New Blood Tour in Manchester and supporting the Good Shoes....check out their myspace to hear more!

"Wild Palms are a ridiculously talented, hyper-inventive, unsigned band from London armed with a sound like a brooding, anglophile White Denim and early Birthday Party... and a passionate love affair with creating music" - Dazed&Confused. "A powerful blend of spiky beats and squally guitars. in terms of the tunes themselves, this lot are as democratic a band you'll find; the creative process for Wild Palms is more organic than the veg rack at Waitrose.....A band entirely without pretension, with realistic aims, making great music and genuinely doing it for the love of it, that does genuinely seem to be Wild Palms' 'thing': this lot are fastly proving to be a class act" - Loud & Quiet

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