Friday, 4 September 2009

Worth the Watch - Died Young, Stayed Pretty

ICA Cinema - Opens 9 October 2009
Director: Eileen Yaghoobian, 94 minutes
Featuring: Art Chantry, Rob Jones, Print Mafia, Uncle Charlie, Ames Bros, Brian Chippendale, Tyler Stout, American Poster Institute

From the psychedelic generation of the 60s and 70s, through to the hardcore renaissance of the past decade, Died Young, Stayed Pretty is a documentary which explores the strikingly obscene, brazenly blasphemous and often quite beautiful world of underground graphic artists. Eileen Yaghoobian journeys through North America to speak to the men and women who through gig-posters have created their own visual language on the outskirts of society for bands who would become the Melvins, Broken Social Scene, Marilyn Manson, Sonic Youth, Queens of the Stone Age and Bob Dylan.

In a film that is as raw and as curious as the posters and their artists, Died Young, Stayed Pretty asks whether making a poster can have a difference and whether counter culture still has any power. The artists explain their work and vent their theories on culture and life, whilst celebrating the music and musicians that they love in a defiant and darkly funny film.

For more info head to.... and then book your tickets! If your a ICA member then catch the advance screening on th 12th September.

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