Sunday, 6 December 2009

A date with Tiffany

Magical, beautiful and presented - like the famous box itself - perfectly and finished with a touch of the white ribbon magic.....Somerset House ice Rink has it all, and is the perfect place to take anyone for a bit of romance...or is it? I popped down yesterday or should i say planned my day around the 3.00 tickets my boyfriend had brought as part of his surprise day of fun. It wasn't raining so i was happy, but skating round i actually started to get a bit dizzy and just staring at the clock and mulled wine stand - I mean it really is a bit of an odd thing to do if you are just semi okay on the ice.

Definitely worth checking out as Somerset house is stunning. The scene is idyllic, and the cafe and mulled wine, while a little over priced is cute is amazing!!!!I personally think that you can probably find things that are more 'romantic' but with a slightly commercially not creatively minded boyfriend - this is the best ice rink for some classic couple time.

For tickets and stuff check out more here ! If you know anywhere else just drop a comment and let me know

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