Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Especially For Me.....


....or maybe, actually most probably not, but when i saw this little headline (and having a small obsession with the queen myself) i just thought i would give it a look. Not a brand i'm overly aware of if i'm honest - but this may be due to the price points although not bad are very much higher than most of my charity shop buys! But Supertrash have presented me with a collection for A/W10 that i actually quite like - and so then i checked out the current SS collection and one may be breaking the shopping ban i am on and splashing out! Plus having just signed up to a triathlon - i have no idea why - i think Cleopatra deserves a treat.

But for AW10, In true 'modern' Cleo style and following on from a rich and tropical summer (the look im going to be very much channelling this summer) the collections mixes a fusion of rich sultry colours, snakeskin and zebra-esque prints and dominating uber luxe body con dresses and leather jackets. Like the great lady herself its a powerful and beautiful collection with all the staples you need for the season (god its only just started to shine!) - jumpsuits, rich prints and neutral shades - its just a shame about the price. Although if any lovely person at Supertrash would like to send something my way i will wear it out and about ALLL the time! I REALLY WILL!

Check out the current gems on ASOS at the moment if your not quite ready to think about the coming my crazy mind!

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