Friday, 30 April 2010

Introducing you to the Weekend : LOMAX


WOOOOOOOOOOOO. Im back! Have been a bit redundant with the old blog of late...don't know why really as i feel like i have more random shit to talk about than ever.....

Annnnnyyyyway i stumbled upon this track on the worldwide web and saw it like a sign from god to get back on the blog! It couldn't be a better piece of music to introduce you to the Bank Holiday weekend and mark the return to my daily ramblings and blogging! Its only the teaser snippet (which ive heard will be appearing in full soon) but .Lomax and this track Praise are already looking, in my opinion, ready to take full assault on stereo and get you making a host of out of control moves on the dancefloor - or even in your office or lounge. Its guna be get on your feet (where ever you may be right now) and let the music make the decisions for you and your feet. ENJOY and WELCOME TO THE WEEKEND!

Lomax - Praise by praisebylomax

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