Wednesday, 16 June 2010


There was brick lane, there was drinking, then there was a P Party - more drinking. Somewhere in-between the above i decided it be a great idea to get a ticket to go along with my friends to see this performance - all i knew was it was kinda circus related. The tubes were fucked, the hangover kicked in and we were having to get 5 trains/buses to get to this place. Was unimpressed and trying to remember why i decided this would be a good idea (the girl in it my friends knew, i didn't!)

BUT what a brilliant surprise and amazing show! Walking in to a random room and then through some circus to an industrial open warehouse room rigged with trapeze artists, hoops, a beautiful set, poles, netting - it was most definitely living up to its Boudoir name! The show MADAME PAINS BOUDOIR CIRCUS was a mix of weird and wonderful spectacles. A butch cross-dresser (inflicting weird pain on himself), comedy, fire, pole dancers, trapeze artists, hope girls, silk and rope work...everything! Unfortunately it was the last showing on sunday night and whilst it took a while to get there (due to shit TFL) it was definitely worth the trek...i'm even considering getting involved myself and signing up to one of their courses.

This event was to raise funds for the ‘Heat the Hangar’ project in aid of the Hangar Arts Trust , home of Aircraft Circus (the amazing team/acts behind the show!)

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