Wednesday, 9 June 2010


Dream and Awake select, collect and refine vintage dresses from around the world. The idea - to transform something forgotten and beautiful and make it a strong and new unique garments. Its not a vintage store but a swedish label and whilst like most vintage style stores its all a bit random when you visit their online store....their range of dresses are pretty well priced and really quite cute. What i love the most is that not only is it vintage and you know you are getting a one off piece that NO one else will have, but that each piece has been tended to and reworked by one of their team of transformers! I know there are similar things out there but i love the idea, and there website is a bit more than just a space to sell clothes. They have lots of pretty pictures, a pretty cool diary of what they get up to, a gallery of photoshoots which document all the clothes before they are sold and they work with the red cross on special collections! Like in a good vintage store ...make sure you have a good rummage through the

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