Friday, 6 August 2010


SO may have noticed a small gap in the old blog...but festival season took over my life. Please don't panic though!(as you were all obviously worried where i went!haha) i am here and i am still alive...and i have made up for my lack of recent drinking very quickly this week (7 bottles - 5 days!)

Lucky enough to work for the brilliant Converse and here's a little bit of what i got up to at a VERY successful and sunny 1234 and manic Underage Festival....
My Team!!

Converse @ 1234

1 down 1 to go...letting loose post 12344

Check out more pics and my (slightly corporate!) review here....

Arhh the lovely Ellie with her Cons!

MENTAL SILENT DISCO vibes with Off Modern you guys!

To exhausted for an back to my life

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