Monday, 16 August 2010

Jack O Brian - New Lines / New Love

Despite being top in my art class and a flair for body form illustration, at the age of 17 the only thing i was concerned about was how i could disguise my twice weekly hangover at school, which lessons i could miss and how i could finish an a level art project and still make it out that night... But for illustrator Jack O'Brien its a different story....

A mixture of materials, layers, paint and illustration - his work has a beautiful intricate simplicity. His fascinations lie within society divides, the media and the concept of celebirty but this aside his works stand alone as balanced, beautiful pieces of illustrative art. He's only 17 but already had heaps of interest as well as working for one of my favourite little labels Brat&Suzie designing some of the graphics for their tees. This kid is good and look forward to seeing more and hopefully getting a special Brat&Suzie/Jack O'Brien tee...maybe a sketch of me drunk?

GoBad NoMad is the creative umbrella under which this still-at-college illustrator sits....the outlet in which he pursues his freelance career so check out his site for more....

p.s if your wondering the ending to the story above - i didnt finish it, i was late for the exam the next day and i caused my art teacher much heartache!But still got my A!just.