Friday, 12 November 2010

Art+Music+Drink x Friday = Fun

If you haven't seen or check out a copy of this mag do! Not only does it provide some great content of upcoming interesting peps...the team behind it are absolutely lovely lovely. Tonight Ballad Of... are celebrating their 2nd Birthday as well as their fourth publication so are in true good-time-girls spirit they are throwing a party!! At this brilliantly names Ballad Of Nanny Floff event the Music is pumping from Nadine Shah (, Ed from Islington Boys Club and Get Cape Wear Cape Fly. Whilst you drink and dance the amazingly talented Iamanoctopus, Sandra Dieckmann (front cover extravaganza),Jamie Mills, Murray Somerville, Natsuki Otani and Thomas Bates will be creating LIVE ART throughout the night.

Did an installation with some of the guys from Bare Bones in Easter creating a massive canvas-paint-by-numbers installation. It was awesome! Tonight they are celebrating the next issue BB5 on Rivington Street. Moving to a lager space, BB5 will include a solo show by ROBERT RUBBISH, Soho Itinerant. Wall Mural Collage Fuck Stick Up by Xerox Xect A Splinter Faction of Heretic Printmakers (Knackered from their Success at The ADF). TBC confirmed events will also be running throughout the week.

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