Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Decidedly French Fancy Rambling

I have been feeling the french flutters like many of us even more so than usual of late. My fashions and styles never seem to rest with one particular 'trend' but i have tried a kind of lady chic, with English roots and a little impregnation from the french - with a bit of my ruggedness....although hangover days result in a bit of a fail on this.

Working in an office of men currently its hard to not fall into the lazy dressing category - so i have recently been on a mission to invigorate everyday with a completely new, classic and empowering ladylike outfit. Im also in dia need of a new haircut and so it looks like im heading in the style of messy Greco bob- stunning! Its been working a treat and i think next week i will be busting out the plethora of little red dresses and maybe having a suitably vixon week. SO in the spirit of my hungover French rambling - here are just some random mood setters & inspiration....


Watch: So with my red wine and cigarette in hand, my hair up in a towel, black eye liner and red lipstick - i will be watching The Three Colours Triology

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