Saturday, 13 August 2011

AW inspirations

I am completely contradicting myself by posting this, i say i never really care for the trends (which i don't really) but you can't help get inspired by some of the delights on offering from the AW catwalks. I am also still sat in my PJs and looking for some kind of motivation to get my butt of the couch and out into the day (although pat on back i did go for a run this morning). Anyway after trending for work, i am absolutely loving the Isabel Marant collection! Simple styles, a touch of feminity in soft fabrics but given a boyish edge with over-sizing and sharp cuts, its like it was meant to be....! Unfortunatly for me my bank balance won't allow such extravagance so i am off to the local marie curie and oxfam to see how we can rumage together something for tonight. If your at a loss on this fine saturday then i suggest you head down to Yo Mama @ Catch in London....sweaty 90's hip hop mixed with dancehall beats and a touch of cheese i plan on burning off the calories from the pre bbq!

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