Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Sounds for your Stereo

Taking you from the melancholic sounds of female vocalists and dream wave electro boybands of the 2011, Skrillex is banging dubstep on your door and wiping his faux mud feet on your brand new mat. Goggle him and you may find a bit of hate race against him, he's done the underground whilst mixing the mainstream....something, which lets face it, can not be done. You are simply underground until you go overground and being topped now in the BBC 1 2012 one's to watch i think he has crossed the threshold. Not a bad thing, boy is going to start making some money and while he may lose some creds from fanatics of previous years listening to him in dinging holes, he is going to earn a hell of a lot more. Breakin a sweat is his latest track playing out, but i would check out the earlier sounds and previous works with the likes of Deadmau5 and Nero to name a few.

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