Saturday, 18 February 2012

Bjorn says JA!

The beroccas are stocked, the champagne is chilled, the outfits are planned and spring summer has already been forgotten before the season has even begun! Its pretentious, its a statement, its hard work, its hangovers, its a lifestyle, its a love , its a hate, its London Fashion Week. Love it or loathe it it's one of our most established and essential weeks of the year. (Picture - my bum! in the Selfrdiges Bjorn Borg pop up booth)

Kicking of the antics, on the eve of London Fashion Week, Swedish underwear brand took full assult on London, taking over the iconic Battersea Power station to bring us one of the most extravagant launches of LFW. We saw the gorgeous George Lamb, drunk vodka's with the beautiful Carolin Flack and Gemma Cairney, cut shapes with Ricky and Melvin and watched as the Selfridges team got wet in the hot tubs!

(The lovely Cheska who is a new fav of mine! never thought id say that!)
Yes there were a few, urm, trip ups to start but what is life without a bit of manic-ness! Without mentioning any names some bloggers need to just get off their high horses.....frankly if you weren't having a good time from the get go then why did you stay so long? Lets face it your probably just a blagger anyway who had no career path so ended up in blogging getting the freebies and pretending your something more just an XBOX bum.

To end, life is to short to complain over some minor little details and after a few drinks, sexy models, an amazing light-show, a set of awesome tunes and a plethora Oyster Bjorn Borg successfully made their stamp on the UK Map and are set to continue their sexy fun antics throughout 2012 and onwards......and BOY! they are by far comfier than Calvin Klein!

Watch this space for more from Bjorn Borg.

Click here to watch the AW12 Catwalk show

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