Friday, 27 April 2012


'Spend money on hair?' you say, 'Danielle spend money on hair??' you say, 'loyal to just one hairdresser? say!  Yes it may sound strange but i think after 25 years of endless salon's, hairdressers who have been dumped, free model cuts and a few short disasters i think i may have finally found a salon i can and want to commit too! Renowned Tommy Guns has teamed up with British super brand Superdry, opening up their very own salon in the basement of the new, 4 floor HUGE, Superdry international store.  Not just any old spa (that is conveniently round the corner from me on Regent Street) this beautiful space is a grade 1 listed art deco heaven and Tommy Guns have lovingly restored every aspect of this historic sight making you feel like you take a step back through time.  Along with a team of highly qualified stylists the salon features a nail bar by Sophie Robson, a blow dry bar and lash bar. 

A central location, perfect for a pre client meeting juuzzz up, the top qaulity treatments at competitive prices (£50 for a cut and blowdry) are a rare occurrence in the area.  Many of you may still think Superdry is Japanese or American and just a load of hoodies and tees emblazoned with logos, BUT its more than that!   A collaboration with Cheaney shoes and Timothy Everest coming up this year and some gorgeous new product lines (pastel denims, floral skirts and classic no logo jackets and macs) i think you may start to think twice about the brand so have a sneak around the store and see what you think.

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