Friday, 7 May 2010

WIld Nothing

Wild Nothing

There isn't too much that is wild about Wild Nothing but none the less im a liking it. The solo project of one Jack Tatum from Virginia. He's bringing us his debut album 'Gemini' via Captured tracks on 1st June and is heading over to the UK. Yes maybe another one man band wonder but right now he's offering us something enjoyable and interesting. Its got a lightness and a gritty homemade feel both at the same time - every track on the new album is like a breath of fresh air, each track a breath you know you have breathed before but each inhale seems to hold something different.

Its a kinda youthful warped sound of The Cure and Johnny Marr guitars, spiralling melodies and and big bags of sugary poppy loveliness that wrap you up in a fuzzy blanket and seep through you. Okay that sounds like its really wet music - but its not. Its a slightly more mellow choice than my normal friday choosing, but been wanting to blog him up for here it is . ENJOY.

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