Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Fanny and Jessy / Watch this Space....

Celebrating and launching their new SS11 line in true F&J unique style, the girls stormed London Fashion Week to bring us a showcase with a difference. Ambushing events and parties throughout LFW models were dressed in the new collection and masked as Fanny or Jessy - getting photographed by various well loved party paps.

Their distinct style of intricate designs and experimental use of cuts and silhouettes has resulted in another great collection from the only recently graduated design duo. Speaking on the collection the girls said “There is always a continuing theme of humour and light heartedness in our collections using fabrics that could look vile in the wrong contexts." Taking inspiration from the OTT italian designers of the nineties they have shaken up some rather tasteless ideas and made them truly desirable. Some pieces may be more for show than share and wear - note the coyote ugly style leather lace up skinnies - but what they have done is created a balance of pieces. A use of subtle uglyness lies in their collection in crypt patterns (look closely!) but combined with elegant lines, subtle shades of nudes and strikes of slick black, all elegantly laid together - the result is something gaudy and grotesque but in a good way!

The use of masks in the campaign cleverly reflecting the title of their new collection 'Watch this Face' and ill tell you one thing you should definitely be watching these girls faces as they only get bigger, bolder and better....

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