Friday, 8 October 2010


Closely affiliated with CULTS - Guards are proof that you don't need much more than some old old modern social networking to get noticed. It may be another band who are channeling the new wave, dreamy pop sounds but punchy vocals in the chorus give them a little kick to lift it out of the normal hazy wave of tunes you get from dreamwave music. Really don't know much more about this band apart from their blood relation with one CULT member and the fact they formed in New York.....but its friday, my head is sore and my brain is ready for the weekend and their melancholic modern, retro twanged tunes are keeping me ticking over until 5 o clock when i will unleash some big tune MJ Cole style riding riddims and get myself ready for a steak dinner with Mr Sauvignon.

Im still questioning if without the help of so called clever networking if they would be as known as they are now - but for now i'm happy to just enjoy what they have to offer and they aren't exactly all over the radio just yet....

Check out their bandcamp and download their EP here

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