Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Sunil Pawar / PCF

I've mentioned this guy here before on the blog and just had another little gem of his work pop into my life! One of his most recent work and i'm loving it. It was a commission of campaign posters for a PCF - appearing all over the streets of France. I could try and explain the work in my own words...but this is so much easier so take a goosey gander and his own explanation..

The history of the French Political poster dates back to the Forties, these works of art were created by the leading creative practioners of their time, with artists including Pablo Picasso providing artwork for the PCF political party. The posters of Mai 68 have also featured in numerous exhibitions recently.
Present day and Sunil Pawar was charged with the task of carrying on this strong graphic lineage by giving a nod to the slick graphic style of these classic posters, but to create artwork that was relevant today, for this a series of four posters were created.

Along with myself (obviously the most important!) some of his more notable fans include the likes of Kayne West and Junya Watanabe, hes an ace guy and whilst i wouldn't normally like this style of art im a big fan of Sunil and of his amazing Slingshot London Mixes!!!Keeps me runnng for miles....

Check out the site for more Slingshotlondon.co.uk

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