Sunday, 10 April 2011

Apple Tarts

Apple Tarts @ Brogdale Farm, Faversham / 28th May 2011 They are not T in the Park and they are definitley not Glastonbury but they are the Suburban Tarts who have been bringing us sweaty, get down and messy (gin drinking on the streets!) parties. Now they are set to take on a new venue and take the urban out of their surburban and bring us their own version of festival frolics! It may be small and probably very very messy, but for one night and day only the tarts are taking over Brogdale Farm in Faversham to bring us Apple Tarts. The Festival begins at 1pm on the Saturday and exactly 12hrs later, and will feature all you need including but not limited too bands, djs, bar, rockeoke, locall sourced food, bonfires outdoor games and more! If you are a urban tart a bit scared at dipping your toes into the depths of Kent then fear not as the guys are running a tarts megabus from London to ensure you arrive and leave safely and without missing a thing. For more details and ticket information check here

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