Tuesday, 5 April 2011


Exhibitions galore hit shoreditch tomorrow night for the monthly trail of art gallery openings, shmoozing....or more to the point, free boozing! First thursday has, lets face it, become somewhat of an excuse to go out for some free booze...and with the sun shining its pretty little rays down on your unloved winter skin, you can bet tomorrow night on Redchurch and Vyner street the crowds will be out. Im not saying there is anything wrong with just going for the free drinks, and actually first thursday gives the opportunity for greater exposure for maybe less established(or promoted) exhibitions and artists. But if you actually want to check out some awesome new art then head to the Rag Factory for an creative and eclectic mix of work from a group of amazing (young) emerging artists. Jack O'Brien (who was featured here last year and is definitley one to watch) showcases alongside artists including Matt King and Hannah Davis

Check out more on the exhibition and artists HERE

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