Wednesday, 26 May 2010



So the BF has just moved to the area of Finsbury Park. Never really explored of world of the north of London, i since moving to my abode in East London became a bit snobbish and disregarded anything but the East End - i soon realised that i was becoming a Shoreditch hoe, living and breathing the East End because thats 'where it was happening' for me and my work. This is no longer the case and in fact while i still love it im getting over it and am soon realising its maybe not for me! SO loving the fact that the other week i discovered an area (i am beginning to love) was finally to get a decent and pretty exciting new venue....The Silver Bullet.

Branded as the First 'Pop up Music Venue' its already got Moshi Moshi, Rough Trade, eARmusic and loads more involved and planned for its 7month stint in Finsbury Park. Infact its got so much going on there is too much to write here. But basically its looking pretty smart presenting a host of nights and events across different genres in music, film and art in its intimate 180 capacity!

Check out all the things they have going on and all the people behind the idea over on the site and then get yourself down there for the opening nights this weekend!

Two bands i have been loving are playing the opening night - Safari and Foreign Office so maybe see you (or be squished next to you) on the dancefloor.

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