Friday, 7 May 2010

Dancing Curtains

Louise O Connor

Sometimes i love what i do, i can spend all day looking on the internet for new and interesting people and am lucky enough to find and talk to a host of amazing individuals. However sometimes this is very depressing. Meeting such amazing people just kinda makes you think - should i be doing more with my life? I am however a bit of a lune and get bored very easily and i'm sure if people knew everything (here comes an arrogant comment) i did they may just be jealous of me!

Off subject once again i'm here to talk about and present to you just one of the amazing people i had a brief flirtation with Louise O Connor, her work and most importantly her dancing curtains - i think its the future of happiness!
An absolutely incredible mind who is doing a host of weird and wonderful things. Louise is a 'multidisciplinary artist' - (basically that means she can do loads of crazy stuff and get away with it) who is fixated on the relationships between sound, music and the physical. As she says herself 'My work tends to be a mixture of playful interaction, absurdity, and I hope - a dash of thoughtfulness. I also really like it when I am able to genuinely involve the audience in some way'

Louise in front of her amazing ' Fred and Ginger's dancing curtains' that open and dance about when you sing to them, encouraging you to start the day with a song! Im not sure if you can buy these - but if you can i suggest everyone has a set in there house!

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