Friday, 28 May 2010



Over the past 5 years legendary designer and master of Engineered Garments, Daiki Suzuki has developed some stunning pieces of fashion work as the Creative Director of the Woolrich Woolen Mills label. Exposing both the roots and heritage of the Woolrich brand and classic american workwear whilst adding his own superb attention to detail and modern fit, spring 2011 will see Daiki's final collection for the brand. But do not fret, because along with the main man himself Daiki, Woolrich (WP Lavori) have been working tirelessly to find a suitable successor to the WM brand and they have finally released the details!

Whilst Daiki came on board a Japanese man with a love of traditional American outdoor workwear, his successor MARK MCNAIRY is the American man with the understanding and and background working within the Japanese market. And lets face it when it comes to interesting tailoring and shape in classic menswear clothing - the Japanese and the Japenese market know their shit!

Whilst we have been told that the collection will remain to build upon its already great classic collections, the buffalo check (which has become synonymous to the Woolrich brand) isn't at the forefront of Mark's collection“It’s not going to be red-and-black buffalo check — that I can tell you,” McNairy said. “I think I’ll end up adding a military aspect and some Ivy League. In the late Fifties and early Sixties, Woolrich had a sportswear collection that wasn’t necessarily geared for the outdoors and was more about the piece goods like Ivy League styles, duffle coats and things like that. It’s going to be a mixture of the things I love.”

Daiki's collection for 2011 looks set to be just as stunning and whilst i have loved all his work for the brand over the years i can't wait to see the new collection and find out what Mark has up his sleeve....i just hope there is some womenswear up there somewhere!!!