Monday, 17 January 2011

Amelia Oakley

Spending a summer of work researching into new talent and working with mid teens, i was blown away by just how much gusto, ambition and want kids have today. At the age i was going through my, urmmm, lets say rebellious stage, today, teens are out and about, interning, working and even starting up their own companies. Yes apart of me is jealous, but i'm not exactly not doing well having spent a few years being a bit of a miscreant. Anyway - their talent and drive never stops to amaze me.......

So when i came into the office this morning to see an email from this 15yr old, i had to share her with you too. Introducing 15 year old aspiring photographer Amelia Oakley. There may still be some skills to develop and a look somewhat copied from a glossy mag - but she is still learning and developing. What she is doing is pushing, engaging and most importantly capturing an intensity in her pictures, a look found beyond the lens sunk in teens angst and emotion.

She obviously has talent and ambition and looking for opportunities to be more than 'that girl in school who takes photos' I look forward to seeing what the future holds. One bit of advice inspired by something I recently read in ELLE magazine though. Don't map out your life too young. Have drive, have passion, but never avoid just looking round the corner, or trying a different route....if only for a little while. If you have the faith and ambition - you will never get lost, don't be afraid to divert from what you think you should be doing.

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