Thursday, 27 January 2011


Pretty Picture aside (although this was what initially drew me in) Celestial Shore was a pleasant little find this morning. Sounds of California dreaming with great experimental twists to bring their own take on retro summer dreamwave/gaze(whatever you want to call it!). I may not be a genius with musical technical jargon but i have an ear, well two, and i suspect after only a few days of being up on bandcamp they are bound to get a bit of attention. For me its setting the summer vibes and dragging me out of the January blues. Roll on picnics, cider in tea cups, drives in the countryside and spring time frolics. Oh and they have a member of the band playing the Wurlitzer! Favourite track has to be Lost but check them out for yourself.

Released today you can download their digital album California Eden for free - couldn't have picked a better name to sum up this 4 track gem.

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