Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Watching Josephine

Working at the Head Office a few years ago, im already a massive fan of the brand. There underwear is sexy and subtle - just like their amazing ads and campaigns they seem to just keep bringing to the table every season! This (Apart from the legendary Kylie Video) has to be one of my favourite to date, not only is Josephine hott but its so nice to see someone who is not a size nothing in an underwear campaign. Some of you may think of Agent Provocateur as an exclusive label, but it really isn't for the super rich, or super sexually intune woman. No matter your size or preferences you can take what you want from Agent Provocateur, wether the whole set or just a simple slip, you know the moment the knickers slip on you will start to walk just a little differently! If you haven't give them a try - every woman should own one thing from this brand!

Check out the site, but get the real empowering experience and head to one of their stores.

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