Thursday, 13 January 2011

David Earp + Charity + Liberty = highly desirable

Whilst standing on their own two feet the Liberty of London on print collections are amazing, i love nothing more than a good collaboration! Cue David Earp, a prolific textile designer and philanthropist he has collaborated with Liberty of Londonto create a beautiful range of quilts. Quilts, who needs a quilt? you may be saying, but trust me lay your eyes on these beauties and you will wishing you were wrapped up in one, red wine in hand and log fire on the go. Its got a heart, a touch of classic charm, country roots and London style all in one.

Could it get any better? Yep! Because not only will these stylish items keep you warm but the proceeds will be going to a good cause. Based in Calcutta, the charity set up by Earp, Shuktara provides care for children and young people with disabilities who have no family. Find out more about the Charity here Shuktara


  1. thanks for posting this, david is a good friend of mine and deserves to be recognized for his amazing textile designs and his wonderful project shuktara.

  2. Do you have any idea how I might be able to get into contact with David? I love his work, and I'm really interested in what he's doing.