Friday, 25 March 2011

Alice Gold - Runaway Love (Andy Weatherall Remix)

I was lucky enough to meet the lovely Alice Gold the other day (and see some of her beautiful vintage buys...very jealous!). I have been a fan of ALice for a few months and its so nice to see this girl get the recognition she deserves. Chic, stylish charm, in both looks and music, is delicataly shaken with a brassy rock n roll groove. Words you may not think fit together but Alice is bringing us a charm in her music that is catchy pop, rough and ready with a 70's hippy wash.

Her first commercial release 'Runaway' is out on April 18th on Fiction Records, preceeding a very hotly anticipated album 'Seven Rainbows' coming in July. Love this video - visually summing up why you cant not love this girl.

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