Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Profile : Valerie Chiang

I do seem to have a little thing for profiling young new talent, but its hard to not be fascinated by some of their sheer dedication and insight teens have. Profiled here is 18 year old Valerie Chiang from North Carolina who's beautiful washed photo's that document, invite and provoke imaginations and stories. Using photography as a method of escapism....a common theme ive noticed of late in young photograhers i know (seriously is life getting that bad!??), Valerie seems to extend beyond that to capture a feeling reminiscent of those expressed by William Blake. Somewhere lost between innocence and youth and maturity. Although too many to choose from my favourite has to be the ones above, all for different reason i won't bore you with!
But i am no art expert, so i guess in hindsight what i love is her work...story or no story there is a mood and a feeling i love and i hope you do too! She has already worked for Blanket Magazine, Blip Magazine and Urband Outfitters....Good Luck Valerie and thankyou for your lovely email....i expect to see more soon i hope!

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