Monday, 14 March 2011

Dent May and his Ukulele

The sun is shining and spring is finally in the air so what better way to have started my day by discovering and falling in love (i blame the spring feeling, im falling in love a lot at the moment) with the beautifully quicky Dent May and his fantastic Ukulele. I actually use to play the ukulele myself, days spent in Devon with my family as a child playing old folk tunes and drinking robinsons squash ( yes i have lived many personalities!). Well and truly evoking a sense of traditonal folk music and modern listening, Dent May, with his signature style has well and truly touched my heart. Not from Devon, no, but hailing from Mississippi, an equally picturesque folk music drenched location, his tunes mix easy listening melodies, healing lyrics with the delicate twangs of his famous Ukulele to make them wholly his own.

He is coming to the UK and is playing at Hoxton Bar and Kicthen (im sure his geeky honest and alternative looks will pull the crowds in East London) on 12th May.

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