Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Bertie Beautiful!

After a long and stressful day, meeting various people, magazines and interviews i was a bit drawn and tired and debated wether or not i could make it out. I also had another four-nights-in-a-row week and was starting to miss eating dinner! But a fan of the Bertie brand and a few emails with some fellow lovlies i knew would be going down, i was up dressed, dinnerless, but none the less ready to go! And how glad was I!!!

The moment you walk into the Bertie store - wether full of fellow bloggers scrambling at the shoes and free popcorn, or just everyday shoppers, you can smell the quality! Greated by the lovely girls from Bertie there was an impressive array of beautiful shoes to feast your eyes on, alongside lots of popcorn and packs of haribo!!(my dinner)

The collection showcased an impressive but wearable collection of leather wedges, strappy sandals in shapes that were comfy with an innovative edge. People were going crazy for the chunky Prespa wedges (picked up by my good friend Bumpkin Betty) and the quirky brogues (my second choice and ones i am going back for next week!) but i was all over the 70's inspired brown weave courts. Yes that is them in the picture above...and no i am not trying to be a secret blogger - im just vain and trying to maintain some of the little dignity i have left!

Said shoes escorted me on the following night to the Faun Launch Party and then for lunch at the Reebok Lounge on Friday and then pulled out all the stops on saturday with crimped hair and a cream, wide leg jumpsuit! They saw and heard many things and my feet are still alive! Great heels, great quality and hopefully will have lots more great tales and outfits to tell...

Huge congrats to the Bertie staff (they dealt with the manic bloggers and endless shoe requests amazingly!) and a big thank you to the team for a great evening and my beautiful pair of shoes!!

Check out more of their collection here.... http://www.bertieshoes.com/

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