Thursday, 17 March 2011

The History of Lewis's 5th Floor

Ive known about this exhibition coming for a while and im so excited a) to be out for a second night in a row (working from home is not fun!) and b) the exhibition is finally here!! From the amazing talent of photographer Steven King, tonight the Orange Dot Gallery opens its doors to celebrate its latest exhibition - The History of Lewis's 5th Floor.

SO what's it all about - in short if you like fashion and photography, stories and a telling of'll love it! Lewis's Department store was an iconic building in Liverpool, trading for over 150 years. In 1980 the 5th Floor of this grade 2 listed building stopped trading, but as Stephen discovered many of its original features and displays were still intact. Imagine - a iconic hub of hustle, bustle and style....frozen and empty. but full of history and stories lurking in its walls.

Inspired by this lost level, like a moment in history stopped in it tracks and frozen, King embarked on a project to document this forgotten floor. A series of photographers featuring images of the store and over 38 members of staff - past and present, i can't wait to see the whole thing together in the beautifull space that is the Orange Dot Gallery.....will twitter update galore (unless i get to drunk and forget!)

Captured in Time - The History of Lewis's 5th Floor
18th March - 23rd April
Orange Dot Gallery, London

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