Friday, 18 February 2011

Fashion for me and you

Wether you care or not London Fashion Week has begun. My liver has been eased in with a quick pop in to the Diesel/Addidas party last night, my body is no longer my temple and my starbucks card, canapes, berocca and diary....along with my daily apple must, are my new best friends. For me FW is not so much about the big shows but about the free booze and exciting new designers...and then the post show updates the following day obviously. However this year things are a little different...out are the late nights (she says despite being on many a glists this year) instead i am replacing(or maybe just combining with) my normal FW antics with endless watching of shows that are happening across the city. If you know or work in the industry you'll understand the buzz...if not and you want to feel apart of it for the first year ever - LFW is coming to the masses. Finally! Considering the industry brings in a huge amount of revenue for the capital its nice to see its finally reachable.

Daily Video highlights will be shown across screens on the underground, whilst at LFW venue Somerset house shows will be streamed live in its courtyard and one of our most iconic British brands, Burberry will be live streaming their Burberry Porsum show on the famous piccadilly screen on 21st at 4pm. So really wether you care don't care or are just in it for the booze or schmozze you can't help but get the buzz this year.

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