Monday, 14 February 2011


Firstly the name does it all for me....i can't seem to stop saying it and after checking out what howkapow was all about i fell in love (and my overdraft) a little bit more. An online store it offers both a space for selling and promoting some of the best upcoming and most importantly innovative talent in design and art around. Its a bit like a bigcartel but cuter and a bit more select and kitsch. To be honest every day is a day of love, a day of love for myself mainly but in light of the V day (my first alone in over 4 years, and of which i am spending in a country retreat - the family home, alone with red wine, salmon dinner and a huge log fire!) here are my favourite picks and a must for those who are in need of a personal treat.....

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  1. I adore your blog, I'm following!