Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Poppy in Illustration

On Friday night i met the lovely Jenny Robins (make sure you check out her site!)who, as part of a team of extremely talented illustrators at the afternoon tea & launch for Amelia's new book 'Amelia's Compendium of Fashion Illustration' (which you must check out!) treated guests to their very own fashion illustration! The whole day and night was amazing. Along with getting my very own FL in the afternoon we were treated to some yummy scones from Lily Vanilli who also created the amazing centre piece cake (pictured), tea's from Pukka and hand massages! Then after popping out for some catch up's and a quick bite to eat (im a lightweight without food!) with some fellow revellers it was back for the after-party. The place was absolutely packed, Amelia was on top form (and in some most fabulous Nina Dolcetti shoes!) and we took full advantage of the dancefloor (and vodka!ooops!) and then later proceeded to get even more drunk and develop a new best friend in the form of drag queen Ginger Johnson!(although he wasn't in drag at the time!)

There was too much to write about but last and definitely not least i can't forget to mention the amazing goody bags we received in the afternoon! Been wearing my Tatty Devine necklace all weekend and am 100% a Dr.Hauschka convert. HUGE thankyou for inviting me down!

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