Thursday, 17 February 2011

WATER / Apartment House

A very adapt post considering my overwhelming need for a lot of water (have just been out pounding the streets and worked up a healthy sweat) and something other than the guilty pleasure drown of Radio 1 i have resorted to to get me through the 'working at home'.

These delectable dreamy tunes may not be the perfect work out playlist , but they are brilliant for a post workout stretch, so with a hose down my throat on one of my daily check ins at bandcamp i have well and truly feed both my physical and musical thirst. We may be drowning in a wash of dreamwave/showgaze upcomers but i am more than happy to invest my time swimming in their sweetly scented, non salty tasting pool of tunes.

Being some what broke at the moment bandcamp has become my new musical haven for free tunes and you can download their offering of california dreaming synths in the form of album Apartment House now from bandcamp...check it out here

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