Thursday, 3 February 2011

Harry Malt

Bare Bones are one crack team of pen scribbling artists who i have had the lovely pleasure of working with, and finally the man behind it all is stepping up and giving us his very own solo show! Harry Malt's illustrative humour seen through his work with Bare Bones has always been something of a fancy for me and im really looking forward to seeing 100% of his works

It wouldn't be wise for me to try and describe this in my words, but if you have heard of Bare Bones or haven't and are a fan of lines, illustrative art with humour and grit and emotion then i suggest you check it out. The show, in his own words... "Tales from the bus stop. The bus stop centric universe, the focal point for everything that happens. People leaving, people returning, some people never buy tickets, travelling to the next town, or the capital or away to foreign countries. Escapism on physical and metaphorical levels. Self medicating. Confusing lust for love. The importance of transportation, a scooter, scrambler or even a car. A desire to be somewhere else, a constant feeling and fear of missing out. The grass is definitely greener. Curiosity never killed anyone who stayed here"

By Harry Malt
10th February - 7th March 2010
Opening 10th February 6 - 9pm
Print House Gallery,
Ashwin Street,
E8 3DL

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