Friday, 11 February 2011

Rocking all over the catwalk...and some of London!

Innocently i tripped along to the launch of the New Core Spirit store the other night to check out the space and see what they had going on, little did i know i would end up at soho house after strutting it on the catwalk, meeting some fine gentlemen and doing my part to save the pub! Eventful is one word!

Honestly, the Core Spirit clothing isn't my cup of tea normally (think modern sleek italiana glam incased in concretes, studs and metal work) however after a good perusal of the collection i discovered some lovely gems! A beautiful peach floaty top with black lace black, a denim all in one and a gorgeous cream felt style bag! still tempted to go and get the bag!
YOU ROCK THE CATWALK!Set over two minamalist floors the new store boast its very own amateur catwalk! The real gem in this is that anyone can use the catwalk wether for some test work, a bit of fun or to help build your portfolio. So from teh 1st of March you can log on to the Core Spirit site and book your space absolutly free - makeup artists, a backstage area, self controlled lighting and a heap of clothes to choose from i suggest you check it out!

So after a few glasses of champagne and much persuading from the Ballard of girls and guy i found myself whipped backstage, being styled by the lovely BE (ballard of stylist), my hair whipped up, backcombed and bobbed and my eyes smoked out by the lovely on hand make up team. Another few glasses of champers, and a lot of perving on the models backstage i was ready for my debut! A somewhat tragic run looking back, i was shaking my booty a little to much(probably making up for the lack of it!) but a great experience none the less. I wore a grossly gorgeous marroon leather jacket with sharp cuts and lace inserts and lovely sleep black dress.....again never something i would wear but i most definitly rocked the Catwalk at the Core Spirit store!
A lovely evening which continued into the night at various london locations.....Huge thankyou to Ballard Of for the company and Core Spirit and Stephanie Churchill Pr for a wonderful evening!

You can check out more pictures and their review of the night from the lovelies at Ballard Of Here

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