Wednesday, 17 March 2010



Popped along to the private view for Blood Sweat and Fears last night and the only bad thing was that i couldn't drink the free beer! It was tiny but a lovely little mingling of some really interesting and exciting projects and people. Described as a 'Live Magazine' it begins as a Live event which showcases emerging british talent from across the board , and as i later learned after talking to Chelsea (one of the girls behind it) the live event acts as the basis for the magazine. All the content and imagery being taken from the 5 days the event runs and will result in the final publication . Im not the best with words today (maybe its the tight headband i have on) so if i have just confused you check it out for yourself. Its a great idea i think, challenging the image of what we know as print media and communication.

These were some of the lovely people we met on the night, but with different things happening everyday both in the evening and day i definitely suggest you pop down there at some point.

OMG....these girls could quiet easily slip me back into my former days as a larger lady. I tried one bit of their amazing lollipop cake creation and had to use every ounce of energy to not go back. Cigarettes played a very vital friend last night! What i loved the most when talking to these girls (despite the fact they are both lovely) is they are trying to do something a little different to the plethora of mini companies setting up cake creation / tea party services. When they make cakes they really try to think outside the box...and i'm still trying to work out how they made those lollipops so delicious and lollipop like! They also make fings wot they like and wot r nice

A group of designers, they first met in Nottingham, and after getting into the world of printing thought they would give their own company a bash. Still relatively small but they do everything themselves....ill let the video do the talking.(and they do occasionally print on request!) any illustrators want to do a illustration of my face???

Whether for fashion or interior Eunsuk lets you create and sculpt your own world with her amazing laser cut pieces and designs. Our beautiful intern got snapped in one of her head creations which i loved. Because of the make it yourself designs things can either be kept simple or completely over the top or added to or taken away from depending on your mood. There is a bigger message though...check out her website to find out more about why and what she does...

The five-day event will run from March 17th-21st at 65/67 Broadwick Street in support of Art Against Knives.

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