Thursday, 4 March 2010

A Day of Two Halfs

Today(well yesterday as i forgot to post this) i am part Gallery / Art Pr hoe (but classy because its art darling!) and part music promoter and writer so in light of my day of two half's i wanted to bring you two very different artists. Whilst they are worlds apart, both are amazing in there own right.


A musical enigma of many proportions, La Shark are bellowing a big fuck of fire of noise into the mundane drull of bands around at the moment. Quite a statement i know, but whilst i don't have a crystal ball, nor do i know myself how long they will last if they hit the big time, live and on stereo (yes stereo) this collective are distinct and catchy. Its like through their music they blow a big ball of opium infused smoke in your face, lifting you up and taking you away to a very happy hippy weird and wonderful place. The five young men's original purpose was to make the greatest spectacle as a live act; something they have honed and sweated over for the past two years and they are doing pretty well in my opinion. You can't really describe their music - its mix of vast and different influences but a sound that you strangely kinda get - words that leap into mind are jazz hands/cabaret showcase / east london indie/aztec prints and men in makeup. Check them out live - its cheaper than drugs and almost as good.


So after all that brain and body bashment here is something a little more soothing and perfect for the soul. Apart from the fact that this girl is really hot and has the potential to turn even myself lesbian (i love cock..haha) she has one hell of a voice. Though only in her mid-twenties, Birch apparently likes to think of herself as "old soul", serving up her own portrait of America in her forthcoming debut album Bible Belt (the name of which harks back to her days growing up with a dad as a strict preacher) Sounding like a true soul diva - a mixture of Carole King and Laura Nyro, Diane brings a touch of modern sex appeal to soulful music with her stunning looks and stunning vocals. Her tracks are the perfect background melodies for relaxing, driving at sundown, lying in a park or in bed with a sunday hangover.

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