Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Sunil Pawar

eYe JUNYA WATANABE COMME des GARCONS x Sunil Pawar Collection

In the late Eighties, at the age of fifteen, Sunil skipped school one afternoon and walked into the North London offices of music legends Soul II Soul. With a bag full of paintings, youthful enthusiasm and a unique style Sunil sold every single one of them. Press the fast forward button to the present day and painting and Djing are still a massive part of Suni's life. Sunil is either in the studio (he is currently building a brand spanking new one in his backyard by himself!), at his decks or travelling the world showcasing both his musical and artistic skills. Being lucky enough to know Sunil too, a complete gem of a guy, you can spend just half an hour over a cold beer with him and learn and hear more stories and weird and wonderful things than you would in a year.

His unique and fined tuned signature art echoes his world of Dj culture, sound system clashes, poart and fashion, using a bold mixture of spray paints and acrylics. His paintings are as loud and bold as the music that inspired them. Check out the latest little video from Sunil on his collaboration work for eYe JUNYA WATANABE COMME des GARCONS....

I unfortunately dont have the monies to purchase the real deal, luckily I have a few prints given to myself as a little present which will keep me happy until i can afford a real deal...but if you are one of those lucky ones with pockets deeper than mine the pieces are now back in the UK and for sale here http://slingshotlondon.bigcartel.com/

Along with the big up from Mr K.West himself Sunil also features in the groundbreaking book 'Stencil Graffiti' by Tristan Manco and regularly appears in exhibitions, magazines and books worldwide. He has done far to much shizzle for me to list here completely so check out his sites to find out more....there is a lot to see from Sunil and expect a lot more soon...



  1. your readers might enjoy this interview I did with Sunil - http://www.soshapeit.co.uk/2009/08/interview-sunil-pawar/

  2. Love the interview....thanks for posting the link 'so'

    P C xxx