Friday, 12 March 2010

In The Jungle.......

Today is Friday, yesterday was thursday and yesterday saw me demolish a bottle of wine or maybe more on a very very empty stomach. While my head is soar and my little belly bloated, it does however mean you get a dose of friday music madness and rambling! luck you! I was actually thinking about what to write about this morning and been wanting to talk about two completely different things with the same style - and then this little lion king gem popped into my head and i was jumping around like a Knome on speed! Today i am jungle princess, promoter of all things jungle related and protector of the all creatures great and small....although im regretting the loin cloth i decided to wear today.


This space was going to be taken up by a band called Safari - who are great and i suggest you still check out, but then i stumbled upon these guys who are currently playing with Memory Tapes - its definitely not everyones cup of tea and the jury is still out on my opinion. But they fit todays bill of jungle madness related things! Its tribal electronica, a whacky mixture of hynoptic, swirly, echoing jungle sounds and beats. Im really looking forward to seeing how they come across live on saturday at Cargo but I may stay away from any hallucinogenic drugs.
Scary Masks + this music + drugs = bad trippy news

Also clocking up on my list of things to do and buy and talk about is SAFARI PRINTS!!! I am seriously set on channelling my inner jungle warrior goddess this summer! lots of prints, lots of colour, lots of block jewellery and wooden heels... i think i will adapt my name to become Amazon Lily Cleopatra instead of Poppy! Here is what im thinking

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