Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Foreign Office/ Warrior One remix

Foreign Office

A brand spanking new offering from the streets of LANDAN, Foreign Office may (due to their name) be a hard band to google, but are definitely not hard to identify with their catchy pop twists, slight retro twangs and brilliant vocals. I personally hate the phrase 'indie pop' (bleur) but i suppose thats kinda the best way to describe, in simple terms, their music. But DONT let it put you off, its not overly fussy music but balances itself nicely. The result is solid tracks, great vocals and catchy (but not overly poppy) sounds and twists. Like most other blogs are saying it's got hints of Roxy Music and Hot Chip in if you want something a bit more solid than my ramblings to identify this band then there you are, or just get off your arse and have a listen for yourself!

They are set to release their debut single ' Leaving The House' on new label-to-watch 'The Playground Records' at the end of the month (29th March) so to celebrate they got electric, electro easties Warrior One to mess up (not in a bad way!) the track...and what a result. Its catchy and Foreign Office poppy but with some great hits, twists, choppy vocals and most importantly a bass which pulses through and dirties it up a bit. I like their music and really like their remixes so i hope to see a lot of them, their tracks and some exciting new remixes in the future!

Have a listen then click the link to get your free download from soundcloud...
Leaving The House - Warrior One Mix by Foreign Office

Foreign Office, after the success of this track remix, are also running a remix competition so if your interested head to their Myspace to find out more!

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