Thursday, 11 March 2010



Thursday, Thursday, Thursday, i like Thursday because you know tomorrow its Friday and also i like the sound of Thursday, i think its the most attractive day of the week. That plus the fact i am finally to enjoy a glass of wine tonight is making it all the more attractive as a day. It has been in the pipeline for a while, but finally we managed to get everyone from the team out for a night out tonight and alas what fucking happens? The East Rooms burns down, so no Free Booze, no Free BBQ and no Unicorn Kid. Bit of a shame, but i have a new love who i really really do love who is cheering up my day.

Like any good superhero, by day he is interning at various record labels and working in several restaurants as James Welch, but at night he transforms into musical superhero Seams. He spends his nights Djing to protect you from hideous sounds and ipod Djs and save lonely dancefloors and sad looking bars. Its emotive electronica that wont put you in a sweat but will, guaranteed, take you on a euphoric journey. He builds and mixes acoustic esque and electronica sounds, mixing them up to create something all together quite beautiful, hypnotic and brilliant. Djing in the slow melancholic beats is something i believe to be a hard skill to master, not sounding to overthought or repetitive like someone tapping a metal spoon in your head, getting the balance right can be hard, but Seams does it seamlessly - hmmm maybe thats why he called himself seams. That has just clicked! haha.

He's just annoucened that he will be touring with Gold Panda - ive heard he is amazing live, just him, a keyboard and some synths but with a brilliant soundsystem that will blow you away. I cant wait to get to see him and i suggest you check him out too! Can't decide on the remix i prefer but think i'm swaying towards the Dam Mantle version....

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