Monday, 1 March 2010

88 Days


I don't want to pretend i am someone who knows everything about art appreciation, but i do love it in what ever form it manifests to me personally, however weird and wonderful. Its very rare though that i get really excited and be able to see beyond what can sometimes be just a pretty picture and i have managed to find that in Jacob. An exciting upcoming street photographer who also dabbles in experimental film making among many other things, Jacob is a real talent and his latest body of work '88 days' showcasing both talent, insight and personality. 88 days is a photographic documentation of Jacob's 3 month journey round America last summer. Part self discovery, part in homage to one of his heroes Robert Frank's The Americans, the work and photos that resulted are a really insightful and beautiful body of work which is going to be exhibiting at a brand new gallery space in just under a month and i personally can't wait to see the journey in full.

Oh and whilst age is not this guys 'pr' factor at the time of the trip Jacob was only 19 and all he carried was his rucksack full of film reels, a camera, a journal and a few bits of clothing. If this guy at only 20 is taking pictures like this a) yes i am jealous, but b) he has got a pretty bright future ahead!

Check out more of his work here and then make sure you catch the exhibition when it hits London at the beginning of April @ The Orange Dot Gallery, Bloomsbury (website coming soon apparently!)

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