Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Poppy Legal Pick Ups....

So its all been a bit music orientated recently, and after the fucking stress of the morning i had i decided to cleanse my soul with a coffee, cigarette and a some legal highs (shopping online)...here are just a few of the sites i love and think you should if you ever feel the need, call upon and browse in a time of need....


Im not normally a fan of kitsch and cute and tees but i love this small but edgy little collection. A quirky British label set up by Polly Vickery with illustrations by Louise Boulter Its still a relatively new brand and so the selection is limited, but its already been stocked by some big stores including Joy and loads of independents. While im sure it could fit well in Topshop i personally would never like to see if take this root and instead have people flocking to little 'Brat & Suzie' pop up stands and stores around the UK. Im thinking a little cream tea stand should be in there too selling illustrated cupcakes and gins in china mugs! This may never happen and so instead you can shop online too....


Bad taste is apparently better than no taste, but i love this brand and definitely don't think its bad taste. Have already ordered myself the tee above and now going to get onto the accessories - more kitsch stuff but it has a kinda edge.


It stocks a massive array of different trinkets and accessories and its another cute little brand and site that has every item screaming at me to buy. Maybe im going through a very girly phase, but im sure once i have the items in my possession they will be suitably trashed and blended into my none girly style...


Just received an online press discount for this little gem of a store. Many of you have probably already seen, heard or visited the store on Brick Lane, but i was really quite surprised at just how cheap it was! I was kinda expecting slightly higher prices but was actually pretty surprised most of the stuff stayed around the £45 mark and because its a bunch of hot indie designers you know not every mother fucker Topshop clone is going to be wearing it...don't ask me why but i just refuse to shop in Topshop. Will be popping round the corner to the store and selecting an outfit from this place for saturday night's champagne debortoury. Body by Miss Milne.

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