Saturday, 16 January 2010


It makes me sick sometimes to stumble upon such talented artists when they are so young, but these guys despite only being 15 & 18 are one gem of a find, so i put my prejudices aside to share their magic with you! Disclosure are dynamic young duo made up of two brothers, filling your soul with heavy basslines (without the headache) and electronic samples. They may not get you dancing but they will take you somewhere just as euphoric and uplifting....

So with Friday having come and gone and post work pub drink hangovers fuzzing your brain, sit back with your bacon sarnie & cup of tea (or in my case porridge and raisins) and let these guys take you away, far far away from your hangovers and revitalise your body ready for another night out...

p.s - its never too early for a hair of the dog!

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